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Wood Panel

Our coasters are made of high quality wood and engraved with a variety of clever sayings.  They make excellent gifts for any of your friends or loved ones!


     Coffee Designs

  1. A yawn is a silent scream for coffee
  2. Caffeine & kindness

  3. Coffee because adulting is hard

  4. Coffee because it's to early for beer

  5. Coffee because it's to early for wine

  6. Coffee before talkie

  7. Coffee definition

  8. Coffee for my sanity and your safety

  9. Coffee gets me started Jesus keeps me going

  10. Coffee is my best friend

  11. Coffee is my spirit animal

  12. Coffee to change the things we can and wine to accept the things we can't

  13. Even Witches need coffee

  14. Fueled by Jesus and coffee

  15. Good things happen over coffee

  16. Happiness is a cup of tea

  17. Hocus pocus I need coffee to focus

  18. I do not rise and shine I caffeinate and hope for the best

  19. I don't know what I would do without coffee I'm guessing 25 to life

  20. I like my coffee how I like myself dark bitter and too hot for you

  21. I run on coffee & cuss words

  22. I run on coffee chaos and cuss words

  23. I'm only as strong as my coffee

  24. Jesus and coffee amen

  25. Life begins after coffee

  26. Love in a mug

  27. May your coffee kick in before reality does

  28. Mug of motivation

  29. My blood type is coffee

  30. My body is just a filter coffee goes in and sarcasm goes out

  31. No coffee much grumpy

  32. Saved by grace and coffee

  33. Stressed blessed and coffee obsessed

  34. This girl runs on caffeine and sarcasm

    Wine & Alcohol Designs

  35. Are we drunk yet
  36. But first wine
  37. Certified Whisky Taster
  38. Cheers Bitches
  39. Drink happy thoughts
  40. Drink Wisconsinbly
  41. Good Friends wine together
  42. I belong to the drinking class
  43. I don't like the term alcoholic I prefer advanced drinker
  44. I drink because I live in WI
  45. It's not drinking alone if the dog is home
  46. May your wine glass never be empty
  47. Oh look it's wine o'clock
  48. Step aside coffee this is a job for alcohol
  49. Whisky bent and hell bound
  50. WI Home
  51. Wine a little laugh a lot
  52. Wine goes in wisdom goes out
  53. Wine is cheaper than therapy
  54. Wine makes me happy you not so much
  55. Wine tasting is my favorite sport

Wooden Coasters - Coffee, Wine & Alcohol Designs

  • Hand wash with mild soap

    Air dry

    Rub with mineral oil or cutting board oil as needed.

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